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How does it work?
BatteryGuard  monitors battery capacity. If the LED indicator shows yellow or red, the remote controller issued a warning sound when the battery is low.  BatteryGuard automatically disconnects the battery power when a drain, short circuit and overloading detected. The unit then automatically reconnects the battery - simply push the black button of device or red button of remote controller.   
How is it installed?
BatteryGuard attaches as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Attach positive vehicle cable to top of unit. 2. Attach cable from BatteryGuard to positive post on battery. 3. Attach ground wire to negative battery post. 

NO HARD WIRING! Universal, fits both top or side post.

It's transferable - so when you have to replace the battery from normal life use, simply remove the BatteryGuard and attach to new battery.  

Why do I need battery protection?

Every vehicle, or piece of equipment, new or old, requires a functioning battery to supply power - or it won't start! The fact is, when you get in your vehicle you rely on it to start. BatteryGuard assures that battery power will be available when you need it (According to the American Automotive Association (AAA), dead batteries are the number one cause of all road service calls).

If you experience a dead battery, you have lost not only time and money, but could be stranded in a potentially dangerous situation. Jump-starting can be dangerous to not only the vehicle but also the individual. Also, by preventing deep discharge, you maximize the life of the battery. One deep discharge can costs half the life of the battery.

Using battery starters, dangerous jumper cables, or questionable cigarette lighter devices means you have already had a "dead battery", and done irreparable damage to the battery.
How does BatteryGuard protect my battery?
BatteryGuard prevents the battery from deep discharging by disconnecting the battery at a factory preset level. Enough power is left to start the engine.  Simply push the black button of device or red button of remote controller, and the battery is automatically reconnected.
Can't I just buy a new battery?
Yes, but usually a new battery is not immediately available and a new battery will not provide the safety, convenience or starting power of the BatteryGuard.
Does BatteryGuard switch on and off every time I start the engine?
No BatteryGuard does not disconnect and reconnect each time the vehicle is started, only when a short circuit, overloading and a load has been left on when the key is turned off.
Can I use BatteryGuard on any 12 or 24-volt battery application?
BatteryGuard is suitable for any vehicle or engine-driven device which uses a standard 12-volt battery. 24- volt will be coming soon.
What are the temperature limits for BatteryGuard ?
Environmental design limits for BatteryGuard are -40º F to +185º F.  Contrary to popular belief, a battery's worst enemy is heat, not cold. Hot weather leads to more corrosion, but the damage usually isn't detected until temperatures drop.  
How large is BatteryGuard ?
Size of unit: 5.35"L X 3.38"W X 1.57"D - - Retail packaging dimensions: 8.6"L X 6.1"W X 2.4"D. The complete unit, including cable, remote controller and packaging weighs approximately 1.5 pound.
Does BatteryGuard disconnect the battery while the engine is running?
No. BatteryGuard will not disconnect the battery when the engine is running, even though the battery voltage level drops below the factory-set safe threshold. Circuits within this product recognize an "engine running" condition by alternator working normally.



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