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Power Bank Jump Starter
Product Name
Battery Mini-Jump Starter (12Volt & 24Volt)
Function :
  1. Car Jump Starter : Use clamps to connect to car battery to jump Start.
  2. Portable Power Bank : Output 5V/2A, 12V/3.5A, 16V/3.5A, 19V/3.5A recharge for digital products.
  3. Input : DC 14V/1A
  4. Integrated LED light : torch, flashing, SOS.

Features & Specification :
 1.Battery material:  Lithium polymer battery [MnNico Ternary Battery]
 2.Capacity:  19200mAh
 3.Starting ability:  suitable for all 12V vehicles and almost all 24V vehicles;
 car battery 300AH/350HP/ 9.7 liter test data
 4.Input:  14V/1A
 5.Outputs:  24/12V (for starting car) ; 5V/2A(for digital devices);
 12V/16V/19V(for laptop and emergency power supply)
 6.Starting current:  400 A
 7.Peak current:  800 A
 8.Charging time:  4~5 Hours
 9.Size:  266x87.5x30mm
 10.Weight:  800g
 11.Durable temperature:  -20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉
 12.Service life:  >1000 cycles
 13.LED light:  torchlight, flashing, SOS warning light
 14.Package:  Tool box package
 Jump Start Clamps with Circuit
 Protection Feature :

 Under Voltage Protection
 Reverse Charge Protection
 Over Current Protection
 Short Circuit Protection
 Reverse Polarity Protection
 Over Discharge Protection
 Surge Voltage Protection
 Over Temperature Protection
Certification :


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