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SmartGuard Series
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SmartGuard with Alarm System (For Vehicle with 12 Volt Batteries)

New innovative and powerful Immobilizer "SmartGuard" by "Battery disconnection to Anti-Theft, but car memories KEPT". 

During anti-theft mode, it can disconnect battery power to avoid engine starting, but it doesn't interrupt the normal working of car computer, radio, clock ...etc.

Efficient Anti-Theft and will not cause any upset car memories loss to users.

With 15 Watts Siren for shock sensor alarm and car door alarm.

Very convenient with two remote controls.

Very easy D.I.Y.installation only 3 steps and no hard wiring :

1.     Attach the positive cable from your car to the top of the SmartGuard.

2.     Attach cable of SmartGuard to the positive pole of your car battery.

3.     Attach the black earth of the SmartGuard to the negative pole of your car battery.

Worldwide Patent :

U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Taiwan, China, Others Pending........

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