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Car Battery Tester
Product Name

  Features :

  • For Battery System 6V, 12V, 24V. 
  • Always know your battery capacity by using your smart phone.
  • Capable of addressing FIVE batteries with one APP (average family has more than 2 vehicles, some 5 plus.
  • Show user Battery Capacity in real time.
  • Check the functioning of the alternator, belts, connections, wiring and the controls. 
Offers early warning ring and vibe, on smart phone of following potential failure :
    a. Low Voltage
    b. Alternator Failure
    c. Regulator Failure 
◆ Voltage Meter display.
◆ Setting function : 
  1. Camera capable of taking pictures and text for identification.
  2. Automatically detects the Battery voltage you are monitoring.
  3. Good for recording up to FIVE batteries, one at a time. 

◆ Keeps daily and yearly record of battery performance.
◆ DIY, Simple, Easy, Safe Installation and Setup :
  1. Attach the two cables, RED and BLACK of the BattCheck, RED to the Positive + and BLACK to the Negative - posts of the Battery.
  2. Secure BattCheck on top of the battery after cleaning the Battery surface, by using the 3M tape included.
  3. If the installation is completed correctly, the red LED on the BattCheck will flash and ready to connect with your Smartphone by Bluetooth.



◆ Free User-friendly APP, compatible with iOS and Android smart phone systems







 Product Size :  38.1 mm L x 25mm W x 18.2 mm H
 Weight :  22.2 g.
 Material :  PC+ GF
 Waterproof :  IP66
 Operation Voltage :  DC 4~32V
 Operation Temperature :  -40℃ ~ +85℃
 Transmission :  Bluetooth Version 4.0
 Frequency : 2.4GHz
 Power Consumption :  < 2mA
 Certification :  



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